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Eng. Agronomo

Função – Junior Agronomist / Fly Monitoring
Provides advice and support to the local growers in order to ensure and improve Driscoll's production, while acting according to Driscoll's mission, vision and values.
1              Information Management of the historical data.
2             Weekly reporting and feedback to the stakeholders.
3             Inspect grower's farms for signs of presence or the level of infestation.
4             Coordinate with the Agronomic team to determine the type of treatment needed to eliminate the pests.
5             Measure the dimensions of the area needing treatment.
6             Estimate cost of services/solutions.
7             Recommend traps to decrease the level of infestation.
8             Design and carry out pest management plans.
9             Design and carry out pest management trails.
10           Support positive relationships, providing technical input and resolving problems in a timely and fair manner.
11            Assess current practices of growers and evaluate the impact of differences in these cultural practices on the production, season of harvest and quality of fruit.
12            Assess current and potential pest and disease problems and evaluate the effectiveness of current pest and disease control strategies.
13            Investigate and report on plant issues at grower level.
14            Collect, analyze and present data on grower yields.
15           Collectively with the rest of technical department conduct regular evaluations of commercial plantings.
16           Participate actively in the Food Security Management System, ensuring compliance with its procedures and work instruction.
17            Any other task assigned by management which is considered to be within the scope of the post holder
Education & Training required:
•              Minimum University degree in Agriculture/Horticulture
•              Valid Driving License
Work experience required:
•              No previous work experience required.
Languages & other requirements:
•    Knowledge of Portuguese and English are required


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